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Definition of Down

in or toward a lower position or place than something else, for example at a lower floor of a building ;

e.g. He looked down at his feet because he didn't know what to say. She called the children down to dinner.

at or to a lower level of some quality such as activity, intensity, or value;

e.g. We were told to keep our voices down because the baby was sleeping.

to a worse or weaker condition or position, sometimes figuratively, as to a sitting or lying position;

e.g. She has been down with a cold for the past week. I sat down on the bed and waited for him to speak.

on paper or in writing, often on a schedule or list or some other physical record;

e.g. You should note down the important points of her speech so you remember them. He said he would put me down to work that evening.

to or at a lower point or part of something, further along the course of something;

e.g. I climbed down the ladder carefully with the cat in my arms. Her office is located just down the hallway.

to eat or drink something, often quickly;

e.g. He barely had time to down a slice of toast for breakfast before he had to leave.

a layer of soft, fine-textured feathers found on baby birds and below the regular feathers of adult birds, or the latter feathers when used to stuff quilts and pillows;

e.g. The baby birds had shed their white down and grown feathers, so they were ready to fly. The cushions were filled with down and covered with velvet.

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