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Definition of Cool

of moderately cooler or lower temperature; cold;

e.g. We went for a walk and enjoyed the cool evening breeze.

lacking friendliness or enthusiasm;

e.g. She greeted the guests in a rather cool, rude, and impersonal manner.

free from tension, negativity, and violence;

e.g. We used to be mortal enemies back in middle school, but we're cool now.

excellent or great;

e.g. We watched a really cool action movie at theatre yesterday.

dispassionate and lacking cordiality;

e.g. She gave a cool and disinterested response to the letter that was sent to her from a fan.

acceptable or okay;

e.g. If you want to stay the night for a sleepover, that's cool with me!

socially acceptable;

e.g. It's not cool to get wasted or black-out at a friend's house party.

composure or calmness;

e.g. I need to go on a brisk walk to collect my cool so that I can talk this out with you.

to cause or to become less hot and more cold;

e.g. We jumped into the swimming pool to cool off in the summer heat.

to lose passion or enthusiasm; to become calm;

e.g. His anger started to cool off when his therapy dog tried to comfort him.

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