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Definition of Lame

having difficulty in walking/moving freely due to a severe disability (due to illness or disease) in the foot or leg;

e.g. The lame animal was lagging behind the other members of its group.

sore or stiff, or affected by disability (due to injury or disease) in a way that makes movement difficult, used to describe one's foot or leg;

e.g. She used a cane when walking so that she wouldn't put weight on her lame foot.

dull and uninspiring, inferior and/or nasty, especially when something is supposed to be entertaining or interesting;

e.g. Their performance was quite lame since they hadn't rehearsed much and the piece was poorly-created in the first place.

ineffectual and weak, feeble and unconvincing, lacking in desirable or useful substance, used to describe an excuse or explanation for something;

e.g. He spun a lame story about why he had been unable to attend, but we knew that he was lying.

in informal American usage, conservative or conventional, socially inept, unsophisticated, or naive, not having the expected knowledge or know-how, used to describe a person;

e.g. They said that he was lame for not keeping up with popular culture.

to make someone (a person or an animal) face difficulty in walking by disabling/crippling their foot or leg;

e.g. The injurywas severe enough to lame her completely for a month.

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