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Definition of High

tall or towering, extending far in the vertical direction, or located in an elevated position;

e.g. The house was surrounded by a high wall. The bird soared high above the ground.

having a large numerical value, or having a size, quantity, or intensity that is greater than normal;

e.g. We don't shop there due to the high price of their products. Her temperature is somewhat high because she is unwell.

of great importance, rank, or status, lofty and superior in a moral or cultural sense;

e.g. She works as a high official in the company. He has high goals of ending world hunger.

having a shrill pitch, produced by a frequency at the upper end of the audible range;

e.g. I heard the high voices and squeals of children playing.

(informal) made euphoric or intoxicated or otherwise under the effect/influence of drugs or alcohol;

e.g. We guessed that he was high from the way he was stumbling.

an elevated level, point, or amount, such as a powerful setting;

e.g. Sales were at a high when the company decided to expand its operations. The fan was on high to keep us as cool as possible.

a moment or period of particular happiness or success;

e.g. He was on a high because he was offered his dream job.

to a particular elevation or at a considerable elevation;

e.g. The lamp stood about two feet high.

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