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Definition of Straight

extending linearly and uniformly in one direction without curving or bending;

e.g. The long, straight road through a desert.

quality of something that is free from bends, curves, angles, or irregularities;

e.g. Lengths of straight timber.

(of a method or course) direct or proper;

e.g. He is a straight thinker.

frank or candid;

e.g. With the intention of no longer leading him on, she gave him a straight answer rejecting his proposal.

going or aiming directly to the intended target;

e.g. He gave him a straight punch to the face and knocked him to the floor.

having elements or things in an order;

e.g. Please tell me the straight sequence of the events that took place last Friday.


e.g. They went on a hunger strike for 11 straight days.

exhibiting honesty, fairness, and trustworthyness;

e.g. Straight dealing of the matter such that everyone was treated fairly.

arranged or set in a proper condition or order;

e.g. I set the living room straight before the guests arrived.

not deviating;

e.g. She is a straight-A student!

in a straight or direct manner;

e.g. He came straight home after school so that he could play with his dogs.

bold or steady;

e.g. The mother gave her child a straight look, and the child stopped the tantrum at once.

(of an alcoholic drink) neat or undiluted;

e.g. She poured straight vodka into her glass.

conventional or respectable;

e.g. They are honest, straight people who come from a good family.


e.g. He was staring straight at the beautiful girl that was sitting across him.


e.g. Heterosexual people are also informally called 'straight'.

(in poker) five cards in sequence but not of the same suit;

e.g. Some people do not count straights or flushes in the game.

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