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Definition of Sheer

utter, complete, downright;

e.g. They laughed at the sheer ridiculousness of the situation.

consisting purely of one thing/element, not mixed with anything else, often in the context of being viewed in detachment from anything else;

e.g. If we consider the sheer impact of this technology, it is still worth using despite its drawbacks.

extremely steep, almost to the point of being perpendicular;

e.g. He came upon a sheer cliff which he knew would be impossible to climb.

extremely light, thin, fine, or transparent in texture, typically used to describe fabric;

e.g. The windows were covered by sheer curtains that still allowed the sunlight in.

altogether or completely;

e.g. The car was travelling so fast that it went sheer through the bush.

extremely steeply or perpendicularly, in a continuous vertical direction;

e.g. The wall rose sheer from bank of the river.

an extremely light, thin, or fine fabric, or some article made from such a fabric;

e.g. The walls were hung with sheers bearing beautiful needlework.

a sudden deviation, turn, or change in a ship's course;

e.g. The ship made a sheer towards the island instead of passing it by.

the slope or curvature of a ship's body from the front (bow) to the back (stern) when viewed from the side;

e.g. The sailor was adjusting and polishing the sheer of the ship.

to quickly change course or swerve from a set path, or to cause to swerve, especially used to describe the movement of a boat;

e.g. The strong wind caused the boat to sheer off course.

to move away from a particular topic in order to avoid it;

e.g. She tends to sheer away from talking about her personal life.

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