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Definition of Squat

to sit or crouch with bent knees and heels close to or touching one's thighs/buttocks;

e.g. I decided to squat so that I could look the child in the eye when speaking to him.

to do an exercise in which one lowers oneself to a position where the knees are bent while keeping the upper body straight, often while holding weights;

e.g. The trainer taught them how to squat safely so that they wouldn't injure themselves.

to occupy an abandoned building or a piece of land without the right to do so;

e.g. The man began to squat in the empty building at the end of the street.

a position in which one's knees are bent while the upper body stays upright, often with the heels close to the thighs/buttocks, or an exercise that involves adopting such a position, often with weights;

e.g. She adopted a squat so that she could examine the plant growing by the path.

a building or a piece of land that is occupied by people who do not have the right to do so;

e.g. The house turned into a squat for some local homeless people.

short and wide in build, positioned close to the ground, often disproportionately so;

e.g. They lived in a squat house that had only one floor.

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