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Definition of Flip

to turn over in the air, usually with a quick and sudden movement, or to cause something to thus turn;

e.g. The gymnast was able to jump off the beam and flip in midair before landing on her feet. he used a spatula to flip over the flood in the pan so that it cooked on both sides.

broadly, to move something quickly and suddenly, often by tossing or pushing it, for example to make a small movement in order to turn something on or off or move through different options;

e.g. She was quick to flip open her notebook and start writing things down. He reached out to flip the lights on.

(informal) to suddenly lose one's control or composure, usually by becoming very excited or very angry;

e.g. I knew they would flip when they saw the mess, so I tried to clean up before they came home.

the action or instance of suddenly turning over in the air, or the action/instance of causing something to do this;

e.g. You should practice the flip you will perform at the acrobatics tournament.

a quick and sudden movement, for example the movement used to quickly search through a large number of papers;

e.g. She made a flip through the stack of forms but didn't find the one she wanted.

rude and disrespectful, often due to a lack of seriousness;

e.g. He continued to make flip remarks until they told him to be quiet.

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