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Definition of Wise

having or showing great knowledge, experience, understanding, and judgement;

e.g. He has become wise through his years of experience, and I would take his advice on any matter.

showing or using strong judgement and good sense in responding to a situation;

e.g. It would not be wise to accuse them of the crime if you are not sure they did it.

knowledgable on some specific matter, due to or as if due to having secret information on it, or (informal) broadly, aware of or alert to something;

e.g. I knew she was wise about your plans by her lack of surprise. He was wise to the fact that we were deliberately missing the event.

(informal) overly bold in a way that is rude and/or disrespectful;

e.g. The teacher didn't have any more patience for the student's wise answers.

(informal) to become aware, knowledgable, or informed/alert of something (used as "wise up");

e.g. You had better wise up to what your employees are doing.

in the direction or position of, with regards to (used in combination as "-wise");

e.g. I don't have anything to tell you answers-wise, but I have other information that isn't related to your questions.

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  • "Seek out the wise ones, the tough ones, the ones you respect and can learn from. Those who will encourage you, challenge you, and expect the best from you. They will be your life changers." -- Chip R Bell

  • "You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions." -- Naguib Mahfouz


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