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Definition of Creep

to move slowly, quietly, or carefully in order to avoid being noticed/seen or heard;

e.g. She began to creep up the stairs, careful not to wake the sleeping baby she was carrying.

to slowly move along with one's body close against the ground, often on one's hands and knees;

e.g. He got down on his knees and began to creep through the narrow tunnel.

to grow and spread along a surface by putting out roots at intervals, extending branches and tendrils, or both, used to describe the behavior of a plant;

e.g. The dense vines began to creep up the walls of the house.

to advance, develop, or enter gradually, in a way that may not be noticed/perceived;

e.g. He has watched the inflation rates creep up over the years.

in informal usage, the unpleasant sensation like that of having creeping things (like insects) on one's body, used to convey a feeling of fear, anxiety, or unease (used in the phrase "the creeps");

e.g. The sound of the wind howling outside gave me the creeps.

a way of moving that is slow, gradual, and steady;

e.g. The cat approached the mouse at a creep.

the process of something's position or dimensions gradually changing due to prolonged exposure to elements or forces such as stress, gravity, or heat;

e.g. The stones will gradually shift to the bottom of the hill due to creep.

in informal usage, a person who is obnoxious, unpleasant, or hateful in some way;

e.g. He began behaving like a creep after he was passed over for a promotion.

a gradual but steady increase in elevation or amount/level;

e.g. We didn't notice the creep of the hill until we looked out at the valley below.

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