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Definition of Stretch

to become wider or longer without tearing or breaking, to be capable of becoming thus wider or longer, or to pull something and make it thus wider or longer;

e.g. The elastic in the fabric helps it stretch to make the pants more comfortable to wear.

to extend a part of one's body and straighten it out to its full length so that the muscles flex and tighten, often in order to reach something;

e.g. It is important to stretch your muscles before you exercise so that you do not get injured. She had to stretch to reach the jar on the highest shelf.

to be spread over an area/space or to extend over a period of time, especially a longer period of time than expected;

e.g. Both of these streets stretch over the entire length of the city. They expect that the show will stretch on past 8 o'clock.

to put a strain on someone or something and their resources, abilities, or capacity;

e.g. The storm forced them to stretch their supplies because they had no way of obtaining more. These tasks stretch her abilities and challenger her.

the action of extending/straightening a part of one's body, or the degree to which something can be flexed or extended;

e.g. It can feel good to have a stretch or take a walk after sitting in one position for a while. The fabric of the garment has a good stretch, which makes it very easy to move around in.

a continuous expanse of space or time;

e.g. This stretch of the journey involves a steep uphill climb. He finished reading the book in one stretch because it was too interesting to put down.

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