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Definition of Articulate

having the ability to express oneself clearly, coherently, and effectively, fluent and eloquent in manner of expression (especially in speech), or characterized by such a manner of expression;

e.g. The politician is very articulate in his speeches.

expressed in meaningfully-arranged syllables or words, or capable of meaningful expression;

e.g. She was barely articulate due to her extreme fear.

characterized by distinct separations or jointed segments;

e.g. This is one of the largest articulate insects that is native to the region.

to express a feeling or idea in a clear and coherent manner, to fluently or eloquently put something into words;

e.g. I am sure she will articulate exactly what problems she is facing.

to pronounce something distinctly or clearly, in a way that is easy to understand;

e.g. He took time to articulate his words so that he would not be misheard.

to give shape, definition, or expression to a concept or theme;

e.g. The movie uses various color schemes to articulate the changes in the protagonist's mood.

to become connected or united into a whole, to fit together to form a whole, by or as if by joints;

e.g. These bones articulate together in a hinge joint at the elbow.

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